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SABEL is Value Added Distributor for carefully chosen brands, providing only high quality products. Our core competences in telecommunications, IT and particularly in high performance wired and wireless networking determined our distribution portfolio. In addition we actively promote innovative technologies that are significantly improving quality of work and living environment. Apart from that SABEL provides, to its chosen customers, customized products meeting the specific needs of the customers.


We offer wide portfolio of services ranging from consulting, professional network services to security. Expert knowledge and huge experience of our professionals enabled us to offer such a rich portfolio of services. Services are core of our business, because of our believing that most of the hardware unsupported by proper services is useless.  Excellence in services is key for the satisfaction of our customers and key of our success.


Allied Telesis

For nearly 30 years....

For nearly 30 years, Allied Telesis has been delivering reliable, intelligent connectivity for everything from enterprise organizations to complex, critical infrastructure projects around the globe.

Allied Telesis is recognized....

Allied Telesis is recognized for innovating the way that services and applications are delivered and managed—resulting in increased value and lower operating costs.


Ruckus Wireless is the leader....

Ruckus Wireless is the leader in global wireless arena. Its technologies are top of the high-tech and its products known on quality and unparalleled performances.

Smart antenna system (Bemfelx+....

Smart antenna system (Bemfelx+) and many other inventions made Ruckus Wireless known as best Wifi on the market.  SABEL started cooperation with Ruckus Wireless soon after it went on the market and we grew together.


Human health is curtail for individ....

Human health is curtail for individuals, but it is at least equally important for the companies they work for.  Healthy people are more efficient and productive.

Nuvap ProSystem enables an easier....

Nuvap ProSystem enables an easier risk assessment in the field of health and safety at work and ensures a higher level of protection in workplaces as well as living spaces. Need to measure and continuously monitor environment at work and home, was recognized by Nuvap that developed unique solution on the market, but also by the European legislators that adopted important laws to protect human health. The first IoT solution for the continuous monitoring of 26 environmental factors and the enablement of workplace health policies.


We at SABEL recognized that....

We at SABEL recognized that many important projects could not have been implemented by using standard – off the shelf products. This is why we are helping customers, especially large organizations like telecom or utility operators, to meet the needs for customized or specifically designed and produced solutions.s.

Our experience, engineering ....

 Our experience, engineering skills and relations with excellent production facilities guarantee product delivery matching the needs of the customer at reasonable prices.



We help our clients to steer their business throughout turbulent changes by converting challenges into the opportunities and business success.


Knowledge is power
We provide workshop and trainings for sales and technical personnel

WLAN Analyse

Only experts can deliver high performance WLANs for demanding customers.


Based in Vienna and well connected throughout EMEA (especially in CEE region) with well-structured network of people and partners, SABEL offers to its clients help in various areas

Companies Repreaseating

We offer local representing with full protection of the client interests

Network Installation

We are installing networks efficiently and effectively.

Network Design

Network, regardless if it is wired or wireless, has become critical for all organization. Good design is the first step toward good network.

Network Maintenance

Network operation and maintenance should be invisible for the organization. You should just use the network even not knowing that maintenance exists.









        S.A.B.E.L. Handels GmbH is Austrian company, located in beautiful part of Vienna near ancient Schönbrunn Palace.

        We improve business of our partners by bringing forward-thinking approach to the business, based on the huge experience in the IT and telecommunication industry and relations with the top players in each segment where we work.

         We offer the world class of ITC products, solutions and consulting services to our customers – Telecom, NSP Operators, utilities, system integrators, distributors, and over partners to the enterprise clients.