About us

S.A.B.E.L. Handels GmbH is an Austrian company, registered in Vienna on the 4th of December 2009 by a couple of people whose careers have been connected for many years with IT and telecommunications in emerging markets, mainly Central and Eastern Europe (CEE ). Industry leading experts brought to the company the best practices of big companies like for example – Olivetti, Allied Telesis, France Telecom etc. integrating commercial, business, IT and telecommunication experiences and knowledge.

Our key activities are (although not the only one):

Distributing world class of equipment in the CEE region

Business developing for the companies in the CEE region

Trainings in particular technological trainings in the telecommunication area and sales

Developing complex solutions

Managing large projects in the CEE region

Representing companies in the CEE region

Providing consultancy

Partnering with the top technological companies in the hospitality area, WiFi, networking, IP TV etc.

Partnering with the best system integrators and solution providers within the region

Providing support to our partners

Our Vision

S.A.B.E.L. Handels GmbH improves business of its partners by bringing forward-thinking approach to the business, based on the huge experience in the IT and telecommunication industry and relations with the top players in each segment where it works. It offers the world class of ITC products, solutions and consulting services to its customers – Telecom, NSP Operators, system integrators, distributors, and over partners to the enterprise clients.


S.A.B.E.L Handels GmbH strategy is based on using “business to the business” model of operating in order to make expansion within the CEE region for the companies which it represents, as well as for the products and services it sells. With its very carefully chosen product portfolio, S.A.B.E.L Handels GmbH aims to team up with partner companies in the CEE region to be able to bring its offer near to the End Users.