SABEL and Nuvap help businesses and residential customers to create healthy environment at work and living space! Introducing the first plug & play solution comprising of cloud, devices and APPs for monitoring indoor air quality at work or at home!

Once installed Nuvap device starts monitoring the indoor air quality, connects to cloud that enables excellent graphical presentation of collected data.

Through a smart algorithm your Nuvap Index score is given as reliable indication of the overall quality of workspace or home environment!

There is no similar solution on the market capable of simultaneous measurement 26 parameters that may impact health of people at work or home as well as their working capabilities!

At polluted environment people can get sick and their working capabilities and effectiveness are significantly reduced.

This is an ideal solution for hospitality organizations to advertise healthy environment at Spas, hotels etc. It is a great opportunity for building management companies or service providers to launch new services.  Video surveillance and security alarms are protecting property and are well accepted services.

We at SABEL believe that protecting human health should be even more important!