Modern World is based on continuous and fast changes. We help our clients to steer their business throughout turbulent changes by converting challenges into opportunities and business success. Based in Vienna and well connected throughout EMEA (especially in CEE region) with well-structured network of people and partners.

SABEL offers to its clients help in various areas:

Companies Representing

For those organizations and companies wishing to be represented in Austria and Central Eastern Europe, but having headcount and resources limitation, we offer local representing with full protection of the client interests.

Our clients are often oversees companies that want to be represented in EMEA (or more often in CEE), or Easter European companies that want to be present in Vienna, and save the costs of setting up their own offices.

WiFi Expert Analyse

Wifi is an inevitable component of nowadays work and life.

Unfortunately it is not easy to predict radio wave propagation, especially in non-open space environments. Changing conditions, interference from nearby WLANs, noise from the neighborhood, structure of the building and many other factors, might seriously affect the WLAN performance.

This is why regular site surveys that are conducted with a professional tools and by skilled experts are important.

We offer passive, active, and predictive surveys, spectrum analysis as well as comprehensive WLAN analysis with easy-to-understand visualization of signal level, interference, access point coverage areas, data rates, network issues, etc.

Pre-deployment surveys

Conducting pre deployment surveys provide: proper positioning of access points and antennas, determining of optimal number of access points, hole free coverage, performances in high concentration environment, minimizing influence of noise and interference on performances.

Post-deployment surveys

Once a WLAN has been deployed, a complete verification site survey is necessary to ensure that the WLAN performance and coverage meet the design requirements.

Regular, ongoing surveys

Maintaining high performance and coverage requires regular surveys to maintain desired level of WLAN performances. New users, new equipment, site expansion, neighboring WLANs, and other factors can adversely affect your WLAN. It should be monitored on a regular basis.

Documentation and reports we provide are in different languages (apart from English and German we support many other languages).

More important is expert analysis of collected data, provided by experienced Wifi engineers, helping customers to design, install and maintain high performance wireless networks.


Driving phrase of our business is “Knowledge is power”.

We provide workshops and trainings in different areas:

Sales and motivation

LAN technologies

WLAN technologies

Full set of Allied Telesis certification trainings


Workshops and trainings are performed in our premises, but on demand could be performed onsite too.

Network Design

Network, regardless if it is wired or wireless, has become critical for all organizations.

Reliable, redundant and robust network is a part of IT and telecommunication infrastructure that needs to be “invisible” serving the needs of given organization. Only properly designed and sized LANs and WLANs behave like “invisible”.

Our experts with decades of experience in designing complex networks can help you to get such a network.

Network Installation

SABEL is value added distributor (VAD) that cooperates with system integration and reseller partners to deliver highly performant networks (LAN, WAN and WLAN) to the end customers. Many of our partners have their own technical teams but ask our experts to deliver- install networks in their name to the end customers. They focus on sales and profitability, knowing that SABEL will provide efficient and successful delivery to their customers.

Network Maintenance

Remotely or onsite, we are ready to manage, maintain and support networks for the companies that have no resources or skills to perform given tasks. Our skilled team is capable of performing even the most complex tasks. Outsourced network maintenance is more cost effective than in house personnel.


Video surveillance, apart from rare exceptions, moved to IP networks. Security systems which were traditionally delivered by security companies, electricians and organizations not skilled in IP networking, are imposing new security risks coming from the Internet.

Internet usage involved new and till now unknown security risks and threats. Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, log managers, anti-virus solutions etc. are 

Many companies do not have skilled personnel to manage potential threats, chose, implement proper solutions, conduct regular probes/ security checks and make ongoing security improvements. SABEL is reliable partner in this area, having experience and needed know how, especially for the partners and customers that cannot afford in-house security experts.